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Janus Venture Finance Partners Raise £1.1m to Fund Far East Joint Venture

Our client is a successful manufacturer supplying the water and gas industries in the UK and overseas. Having developed and patented a number of unique products for use with clean and waste water, as well as for gas, the company had received commendations from three major clients which resulted in a considerable uplift in demand.

To meet the increased demand and enable expansion into Australia and the Far East , Aeon had sought a manufacturing agreement with a Chinese manufacturer.

Additional funding was required to settle some deferred production set-up costs in Europe and to enable the completion of the joint venture deal. However, time scales in the negotiations had been too short to enable traditional bank funding to be practical and so the directors approached Janus Venture Finance director Jonathan Wooller for assistance.

Jonathan said: “Raising the finance was critical to negotiate an improved deal with the Chinese partner. With our network of investors, we were soon able to identify suitable options and worked both in the UK and China to ensure the deal was done. Getting the mezzanine finance in place so quickly not only
ensured that the Group could operate in the short-term, but also that enabled the directors to negotiate the final agreement from a stronger position.”

Not only was time critical but the deal was also complex one, not just because of the overseas parties involved. We were able to use the skills of our associated law firm, Hyde Law, to ensure that the company's key asset - their intellectual property rights - were protected.

Within two weeks of the initial approach we were able to provide an offer of £1.1m funding for the business which enabled the deal to be completed a few weeks later.

"The funding raised enabled us to complete a manufacturing agreement in China which will be the launch pad for the Group in the Far East, Asia and Australia . Our plan is that this will be the stepping stone towards an IPO and we hope to work with Janus' partners further to help us achieve our ambitions."

       Technology Networks - £ 3/4m
       S. East Professional Prac. - £ 350k
       Int. Utilities Company - £ 1.1m
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