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Janus Venture Finance Partners Help Expanding Legal Firm Consolidate Growth

From his first acquisition in 1995, our client built a thriving legal practice in his own name across the South East. The business built up a strong residential department with several of the offices also undertaking legal aid work.

The firm also acquired a solicitors practice with it's own strong brand name which has both residential and commercial departments.

The acquisitions and consolidation built a substantial business with a strong client base, but keeping pace was a challenge for the firm's finances. The cost of restructuring had depleted the business's cash reserves, putting a strain on working capital.

Both practices were essentially great

businesses. The challenge that they faced is not uncommon for many companies growing rapidly - balancing long-term profitability with the need for short-term cash. We could see that the underlying business was strong and were able to use our network of investors who know our track record to provide capital that the business could not source on its own.

They then asked us to continue to work with them to ensure their future expansion delivers both the profits and the cash needed.

In the words of our client: " I was extraordinarily impressed by the speed and effectiveness of Hoskyn Child International and their associates in resolving what has been a long and seemingly intractable issue. In today's business climate, I had come to regard the endless delays as inevitable, but I have now seen that there is no inevitability about it at all, and that speed is possible."

"They achieved more in nine days than my assorted advisors had previously achieved in two and a half years. It was a breathtaking ride!"

The client was introduced to Janus Venture Finance partner Hoskyn Child International to help generate additional working capital.

Janus directors developed a financial plan for the business and used their network of private investors to secure a £350,000 loan. They then worked with their bankers to put in place new banking going forward.

       Technology Networks - £ 3/4m
       S. East Professional Prac. - £ 350k
       Int. Utilities Company - £ 1.1m
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